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10 Project Management Knowledge Areas and 5 Process Group

February 27, 2014 PMP Training  No comments

PMP Training ProgramEvery junior level professional after gaining a certain years of experience would wish to move to next level, that is, senior level of hierarchy. However, unfortunately, some professionals are not able to climb up the corporate ladder due to high competition in the same department and due to the lack of the required skills and business acumen. Many professionals after hitting such a stumbling block wonder what’s the next step that would help them to get promotion. Some professionals undergo training and attempt some certification exam. However obtaining any certification may not help the cause. The reason being certification may not focus upon the latest and in-depth knowledge to manage a project effectively.

In such cases, Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Professi...

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Know all about PMP certification exam

January 31, 2014 PMP Training  No comments

PMP Certification CourseFor many professionals in managerial post, there comes a time when they want to move ahead in the company’s hierarchy, but are not able to achieve it due to some lacking in their business acumen and skills. These kinds of professionals start wondering, what is the next step after hitting such stumbling block. Many turn towards Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) certification as it is one of the popularly pursued management programs. This article will give a gist about PMP certification; its benefits and wise way to crack the PMP certification exam at the first shot.

About Project Management Professional (PMP) ®

Project Management Professional (PMP) ® Certification, PMI’s product (Project Management Institute-USA), is a widely recognized and esta...

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