PRINCE2: To ensure flexibility according to the requirements of the projects

Prince2 training and certification coursePRINCE2, an acronym for Projects in Controlled Environments, is an effective project management tool which was developed by the Government of United Kingdom and is widely used in the private sector both in UK and internationally. It deals with the organization, administration and control of projects. PRINCE2 makes use of various authenticated and best proven methods from a variety of industries which involves documents with patterns and clear decision points. PRINCE2 comprises certain features, chief among them being:

• It focuses on business justification
• Involves certain organization structure for the project management team
• Process based planning approach
• Emphasizes on dividing the project into pre-determined stages
• Applicable to any project and any organization
• Imposes greater control over resources.

PRINCE2 comprises some basic processes. These are:

• Start-up- It involves planning a project, allocating roles and determining the approach
• Initiation- It involves preparing a Project Initiation Document which is submitted to the board for approval
• Direction- It involves managing project details and authorizing project closure
• Control- It involves dividing the work into various stages and authorizing the same and reviewing progress
• State Boundary Management- It involves planning the stages, reviewing the present stage and planning the next one
• Planning- It involves deciding the products to be produces, the time required for production and estimating the cost
• Closing- Finally after completion of project, a post project review is conducted. After it is approved the project is closed down.

PRINCE2 Training and Certifications

The following Prince 2 Certification courses are offered to professionals involved in project management:

1. PRINCE2 FOUNDATION- This covers the basic methodology and terminology of PRINCE2. This initial certification is required for earning higher certifications.

2. PRINCE2 PRACTITIONER- On qualifying PRINCE2 Foundation, one can earn PRINCE2 Practitioner certification. It is best suited for those managing projects within a PRINCE2 environment.

3. PRINCE2 RE-REGISTRATION- It has been determined by the PRINCE2 Examination Board that the registered PRINCE2 practitioners should be re-registered within 3 to 5 years of their original certification.

4. PRINCE2 PROFESSIONAL- This is the highest certification meant for those who wish to attain expertise in PRINCE2 methods.

PRINCE2 Certified Training is conducted all over the world to help professionals gain expertise in PRINCE2 methods and qualify the required exams. For more information on PRINCE 2 Training Courses, one can search PRINCE2 Training in Noida. PRINCE2 Training Institute in Noida is doing a brilliant job in this regard. One can also refer PRINCE2 Certification in Noida for more details on certification courses.