5 Effective study plan for breezing through PMP Certification Exam

February 4, 2014 PMP Training  No comments

PMP Certification and Training CourseWhen the PMP certification exam is around the corner, many professionals cast apprehension over themselves and fret. Some, unfortunately, start studying, just for a stake of clearing the exam or because they have paid fees. Still worse, some entirely lose focus and confidence that they can score well in the exams.

To add to this list, some talented and successful professionals get into the same rut and fail to realize their potential and the fact that they can clear the PMP certification exam with flying colors. This haphazard and panicky approach not only increases fear but also aggravates the situation further. So, be it any exam, unless one has determination along with a study plan, it may become difficult to score well in PMI’s PMP certification exam.

Thus, creating a study plan is v...

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Know all about PMP certification exam

January 31, 2014 PMP Training  No comments

PMP Certification CourseFor many professionals in managerial post, there comes a time when they want to move ahead in the company’s hierarchy, but are not able to achieve it due to some lacking in their business acumen and skills. These kinds of professionals start wondering, what is the next step after hitting such stumbling block. Many turn towards Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) certification as it is one of the popularly pursued management programs. This article will give a gist about PMP certification; its benefits and wise way to crack the PMP certification exam at the first shot.

About Project Management Professional (PMP) ®

Project Management Professional (PMP) ® Certification, PMI’s product (Project Management Institute-USA), is a widely recognized and esta...

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Five Project Management Process Groups that PMP follows to produce the best project managers

January 21, 2014 PMP Training  No comments

Certified PMP TrainingTo run a project successfully, the project manager should possesses all the required knowledge, skills, and out of the box thinking. Additionally, the knowledge of connection or interlink between each phase of the project is equally important. In other words, only by having the required knowledge and working of each phase of a project, the project manager can get the expected project performance.

More importantly, in order to ensure that a project performs as per the expectations, following the processes involved in Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) guide helps a lot as it has step by step procedure to handle a scenario based on different situations...

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Why project managers should enroll for PMP certification?

January 17, 2014 PMP Training  No comments

pmp training institute in Noida and DelhiAs per some reports’ statistical suggestions, the main causes why many companies fail to make hey while the sun shines are because their inability to evaluate precarious situations and various challenging factors and find out ways to overcome them. This can be best understood by referring combined report of McKinsey and the BT Center for Major Programme Management at the University of Oxford carried out on about 5,400 IT projects in 2012. The report indicates that some big IT projects had to confront with unpredictable issues due the factors such as schedule overrun and failure to complete work within the estimated cost factor.

Interestingly, failure of a project to meet its objective and performance is dependent upon projects managers...

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