How PMP Certifications ensures high pay

Training Course in PMPWith a vast experience, many professionals think they are entitled to big pay. However the truth is, pay depends upon many factors such as geography; ability to handle processes that company follows; effective management of resources, industry, experience and certification. Among them, certification is such a factor that can give a big boost to salary. Reason being certification such as PMP focuses on imparting knowledge and skills to effectively manage a project by making optimal utilization of the resources.

Most importantly Project Management certification focuses on making professionals acquainted with each process and phase of a project. The best part being it makes professionals familiar with best techniques used in the industry. Certified training in PMP can be obtained from a PMP training institute in Noida. Usually, Registered Education Provider conduct 35 PDU’s Workshop of PMP program, one of the eligibility criteria for passing PMP certification.

Let’s have a look at how PMP training & certification can not only help professionals to get an in-depth understanding of the various phases of the project but also helps them to earn a big salary.

Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) certification: PMP certification exam focuses 10 Project Management Knowledge Areas and 5 process group that are very essential to effectively manage lifecycle of a project. The Knowledge Areas offers comprehensive information on project management topics, while Process Groups offers detailed procedures to apply knowledge on project management topics in real life scenarios.

PMP certification demand has increased significantly in the past few years. The fact that many professionals have opted for it is evident from the PMI report that suggests that a big number of professionals around the world had taken up PMP exam and there are over 500,000 worldwide! The PMP professionals around the globe touched 552,977 – from 500,082 PMPs, as on November 30, 2012. This figure is up till 30th June 2013, included in PMI Today, Aug 2013 Edition. Total PMI members, worldwide, were close to 435,670 as per the report.

Owing to all these factors, company pays a high salary to the professionals who have passed PMP certification. As per a report, released in 2014, the salary of PMP professionals was about $108,525.

To sum up, PMP training & certification focuses on imparting essential knowledge to the professionals in form of:

a. Thorough understanding of each phase and process of a project
b. Thorough understanding pitfalls associated with a project
b. Practical techniques used by successful companies to tackle obstacles associated with a project and to run the project efficiently.