5 Effective study plan for breezing through PMP Certification Exam

PMP Certification and Training CourseWhen the PMP certification exam is around the corner, many professionals cast apprehension over themselves and fret. Some, unfortunately, start studying, just for a stake of clearing the exam or because they have paid fees. Still worse, some entirely lose focus and confidence that they can score well in the exams.

To add to this list, some talented and successful professionals get into the same rut and fail to realize their potential and the fact that they can clear the PMP certification exam with flying colors. This haphazard and panicky approach not only increases fear but also aggravates the situation further. So, be it any exam, unless one has determination along with a study plan, it may become difficult to score well in PMI’s PMP certification exam.

Thus, creating a study plan is very essential as it helps to divide studying time and chapters as per the time availability. This article gives some practical suggestions to make a study plan depending upon one’s time availability.

1. Being positive and staying motivated are the keys

The first step before making a study plan is to stay positive and motivated. For the same, one has to find reasons why and how PMP certification exam will help them; how it will change their career; how it will help them to get a promotion, or land a new job or get better salary during the appraisal.

2. Setting some time aside for examination

Once you have the confidence, you can make study plan. The first step in the study plan is to allocate some time aside for PMP examination preparation. It may be difficult initially to get the idea of daily preparation going. At that point of time, one has to visualize the personal goals and payback one would reap after clearing PMP certificate examination.

3. Dividing study time

Next step in the study plan is to divide study time based on content of the reference books. To elaborate, from a reference book containing about 200 pages, how many pages (say 10 pages) have to be completed every day and how much time has to be allocated for each chapter (say 2 hrs). This would help to complete study well before the certification examination.

4. Solving sample questions

Try to answer sample questions as many you can. This would help to gauge where one stands in terms of understanding a chapter and how much more time he/she need to devote to clear the examination clearly.

5. Taking help from trainers

Professionals who have got enrolled in certified training in PMP or PMP training & certification program from a PMI PMP Registered education provider can seek help from trainers to fine tune study plan and discuss their queries with expert trainer and get them clarified.